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If you enjoy singing, I can thoroughly recommend watching Gareth Malone's lockdown choir rehearsals. It's too late to take part in sending in recordings for the choir's EP and video but still worth learning the songs. Gareth hopes to be able to get the choir together in a large venue when Covid restrictions have been lifted. I've learnt lots about singing warmups and learning about singing harmonies from participating in Gareth's "Great British Home Chorus". (Cherie)

The first 50 rehearsals are on Decca Records' YouTube channel    but the last month is on Gareth's own YouTube channel.

All profits from the choir's EP go to NHS charities.*/*/Gareth-Malone-s-Great-British-Home-Chorus/6JSS0000000

I'm on the recording some members of Gareth's choir recorded to thank Gareth for all his hard work during the first 2020

lockdown. (Cherie)

This year I also joined Jess Parnnell's "Together In Harmony" choir which includes online lessons on vocal health.  Jess is only 17 but an amazing teacher. She was MD for Gareth's "Thank You For The Music" video.

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