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ABRSM Theory App (Android and Apple)

Even though I don’t put students in for ABRSM theory grades, the ABRSM theory app can be a useful way for my students to test themselves on their theory knowledge and some students might be able to teach themselves some theory by using the app. This could be useful during Covid lockdown for those of you who have not opted to have internet video call lessons while face to face lessons are illegal or impractical. You can ask me which theory grade I suggest you start testing yourself on, even if you are not having online video call  lessons with me at the moment.

Alison Sparrow has recorded some very helpful YouTube music theory lessons but probably better for adults or teenagers than younger children:

Beginner theory Grade 1 part 1

Beginner theory - Grade 1, part 2

Grade 2 theory -

Grade 3 theory

Grade 4 theory

There are some really useful theory videos at

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