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With 22 years experience as a guitar player, and a degree in popular music, Dave has studied, performed, composed, and produced a wide range of music. Dave recently returned from working as a cruise ship musician, and now offers a guitar tuition service alongside his work as a performer.
(Sax, keyboard, flute) 
Dave W has many years experience in playing and teaching music, including playing in a big band and function bands.  Dave used to be a college lecturer teaching music. David enjoys writing songs and is one of the band's composers.
(vocals, flute, keyboard)

Cherie has been surrounded by music from an early age and started going to see her father Terry Flynn play in bands from when she was about 3 years old. Cherie's father backed many famous jazz musicians in the 60s, such as Kenny Baker and Kathy Stobart (who was a tenor sax player in “The Ted Heath Band”.) Terry taught Cherie how to play piano.

During her teens in the 80's Cherie played flute at music festivals and concerts as a member of a Classical Baroque ensemble, and The Gosport Orchestral Society.

For the following few decades she sang and played in jazz and pop groups.

Cherie taught keyboards in a junior school for 10 years, and now teaches piano, keyboard and flute privately, as well as incorporating music technology and song writing into some of her lessons.

Cherie is one of the band's composers. Her compositions cover various genres including Funk, Jazz, Rock, Latin, and Electronic Dance Music.
Steve has decades of experience playing saxophone in bands, including  playing in a big band, a classical wind orchestra Rock, R&B and soul bands. When he was in 
a Ska band he supported groups such as 'Bad Manners' and 'Selector'. Steve played at the Gravesend Waterfront in the presence of a 16,000 audience . He teaches saxophone.  
Steve has relatively recently added playing drums to his breadth of musical skills.
Steve is another of the band's songwriters.
Vic has been playing bass guitar for twelve years, specialising mainly in jazz. Originally a student of the Chichester College jazz evening class, he is now a member of the on-line SBL Academy. Vic plays in a number of mainstream jazz groups in Hampshire and West Sussex including "The Jazz Smugglers" and the "Jazz In the Corner" sessions at The Mogul restaurant on Hayling Island.
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