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Frozen Ape Metronome App 

I use this paid app during some piano lessons. There are free metronome apps if you search for them but I find this one the most useful for me as it lets me save metronome settings for different songs in playlists. That’s handy for my band work and teaching.  A metronome which allows smaller divisions than a beat (e.g. quavers or semiquavers) and can play triplets, can be really useful when practicing difficult rhythms, so try to find one with those functions if you can.

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer (Android and Apple)


A really useful app to test and teach rhythms which I sometimes use when teaching.  It’s not the most intuitive to use but easy once you know how to.


Press “i” to get to the menu so that you can pick rhythm exercises or set display settings and audio settings.

Press the number on the metronome to change the tempo.

Press the circle on the metronome to record the rhythm which is shown. 

Press the triangle play button if you get stuck and need help with the rhythm. The app will play you the rhythm.

You can set how many times to record your rhythm pattern. I’d suggest “x 2”. 

After recording the rhythm, the app gives you a visual display of how well you tapped the rhythm. Red is wrong, dark green is almost correct, light green is a correct rhythm.


For more instructions and screen shots click here.


What is a score writing app? It is a piece of software which allows you to create sheet music either by realtime input (playing notes on a midi keyboard) or by dragging notes on the screen onto the staff / stave on the computer screen. All of the following scorewriting software will also play back tunes.

Steinberg's new free edition of  Dorico software, Dorico SE, for PC and Mac offers a lot for a free entry level version. You can play notes on a midi keyboard and see the notation on your computer screen, then print out the sheet music of what you have played. If you require more than 2 instruments in your composition you will need to upgrade to one of the Dorico paid versions. 

Finale notepad is Finale Music's free version but does not allow you to play notes in realtime on a music keyboard.  You'll need to pay for either Printmusic or  Finale if you wish to do that with this company's software. If you only own a Mac you 

will only be able to use the company's most expensive edition, "Finale".'s Sibelius First is Avid's entry level, free edition of the industry standard scorewriting sotware. It is a good introduction to Sibelius but unlike Dorico SE it does not allow you to play notes on a MIDI music keyboard to produce sheet music. As far as I know, Dorico SE is the only legally free scorewriting software for PC and Mac which will allow this.

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